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Meet The Gnarly Pints

The Gnarly Pints is a Nor-Cal/Nevada-based married duo influenced by the most unlikely bands and artists. Their sound can be described as “Celternative” or Celtic Alternative with a creative twist.

When rock guitarist Jacob Cole met classically trained fiddle player Emily Ann, they both knew they had found something special. Forming in late 2011, “The Gnarly Pints” made their first appearance at an open mic night at Bellachino’s Café in Chico, CA.

What began as a creative outlet for the young musical couple grew into a more serious and dedicated performing act. The Pints started to grow in popularity throughout California performing at pubs, small house concerts, as well as weddings – including their own! In addition to maintaining a full-time music lesson business, Jacob and Emily started expanding their territory to Oregon, Washington, and Nevada appearing at various festivals and special events. In under two years’ time, they had self released a 5-song EP, 3 singles, and performed over 100 shows – all without the support of a major record label.

Being that they were already a family band, The Pints found out they would be a trio by September 2015! During her pregnancy, Emily performed 34 shows all while maintaining the music lesson business.

The Gnarly Pints are currently in the studio recording their very first full length album of 100% original music, all while continuing to perform and raise their daughter, Emiliana.

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