Welcome to our Blog!

Hi and welcome to our blog! Here you will see what we are up to and be the first to know about upcoming show dates and the latest from The Gnarly Pints.

First, we are so happy to announce the release of our self-titled, 12 song album “The Gnarly Pints” available June 2! This album has been a long time coming and we are so thrilled to have it available for your listening ears. We will be performing three album release concerts in Reno, NV, Janesville, CA, and Chico, CA at the beginning of June.

The Gnarly Pints have been such a blessing to us and we want to share and continue to share our music with our friends and family. We enjoy bringing smiles to your faces and watching everyone enjoy themselves. Music has the ability to touch the soul and we’ve had many occasions where individuals have walked up to us and told us that the song we just played was exactly what they needed to hear. We love hearing stories like that!

Today we are keeping this short and sweet but stay tuned for any updates or new developments with our music and our crazy growing family! We have much love and music to send your way!


– Emily

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