Hello from The Gnarly Pints!


Hello from The Gnarly Pints! We hope you are all having a wonderful summer, we know we sure are!

What a summer it has been too; relocating back to our beloved town of Chico, writing and recording new music, hanging out with friends and family, as well as touring Washington state with Kevin Max from DcTalk!!

We are happy to announce that we have some new music available for your listening pleasure! On July 20th we released a 5 song EP called “California”!  In line with a new EP, we released a music video for our new song “Breaking Out”, which is track number two on California (check out the link below)!

CD’s for all of our music can be found on our website, as well as tour dates and merch.
Be sure to connect with us on Instagram and Twitter, it’s always a good time!

Anywho, thanks for supporting our music and for being a Gnarly Fan!!!
Lots of exciting stuff on the horizon for our little band!


– Jacob & Emily



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