Meet The Gnarly Pints

A classically-trainer fiddle player and a rock guitarist/singer walk into a bar…

The Gnarly Pints (Emily & Jacob Nolen) are all about breaking the stereotypes that surround acoustic genres of music. The married duo started playing cafés and open mics early in the second decade of the millennium and have not looked back since. With an album, two EP’s, and multiple singles under their belt, The Pints have toured the West Coast with their unique sound since 2014. The duo has headlined multiple events and festivals, including the Fort Bragg Beer Festival every year since 2015.

The Gnarly Pints have also had great success opening for national award-winning artists like Celtic folk duo Men of Worth and four-time Grammy award-winning singer Kevin Max, with whom they toured Washington state for a series of benefit concerts.

Jacob & Emily continue to perform locally and nationally, as well as faithfully recording and releasing music. Their latest release, California, is an adventurous EP that features their new song “Breaking Out” – the music video can be found on their YouTube channel!

The Gnarly Pints proudly reside in Chico, California with their two daughters, aka “half pints” 🙂